Big Changes To Coupons–Target, CVS, Kroger And More

There’s been a lot of shuffling in the coupon policy arena this summer/fall. According to one news story, Target is only allowing one “buy one get one free” coupon per purchase; it wasn’t clear if that was just for duplicate items or for all the items you purchase. There is no mention of this particular change to the policy on the company’s web site; it is either not in effect yet, or perhaps the web site hasn’t caught up with the change. The best that can be deduced from the web site is that using two buy one get one free coupons cant be combined to get two items for free; there must be a purchased item in the combination. They do still allow for another coupon to be used in conjunction to reduce the price of the purchased item.

Extreme couponers maybe avoiding CVS in the future. According to the news story, CVS has banned “shelf clearing” (buying extreme multiples of the same item to take advantage of coupons). This is backed up by the note in their coupon policy on their web site,

“CVS/pharmacy accepts multiple identical coupons for multiple qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers, unless a limit is specified. Management reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased.”

For Texas, Kroger stores have changed their triple and double coupon policy, eliminating them entirely. Kroger released a statement that they were instead focusing on lower everyday prices. They do still accept coupons, but will no longer double or triple them.

Rite-Aid was mentioned in the news story, but the changes were “planned” and so have not yet been implemented – Rite-Aid still shows a coupon policy last revised May 2011. Another grocery store chain, Giant Eagle was also mentioned in the story – they’re still doubling coupons, but that is subject to change.

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