Bloodshot #13 Adds Depth to Valiant Universe

Bloodshot #13 Adds Depth to Valiant Universe

The conflict between Bloodshot and Harada heats up

Bloodshot #13 has added a dimension of depth to the Valiant Universe as Bloodshot crosses paths with Harada.

One of the two conclusions to the “Harbinger Wars,” this issue was solid as we get to see the events from Harbinger Wars from the point of view of Bloodshot.

This was a solid story as we get to see events from Bloodshot’s point of view. Once a super soldier for Project Risnig Spirit, Bloodshot has overcome his brainwashing and now wishes to free the Psiots that Project Rising Spirit sought to control.

Unfortunately, Harada is not aware of Bloodshot’s reform, and seeks to take him down when he spots Bloodshot with a group of Psiots that he is attempting to liberate.

We also get a glimpse into Bloodshot’s dreams of being a normal human, as well as his battle to stay away from dreaming to live in the real world. He is certainly not the first character in comics to desire being human again after being experimented upon and being mutated, but we do not have to experience too much of Bloodshot’s sorrow, just a little bit, which I think is for the better.

This guy should be himself, and be determined to do good, and not be longing for a normal existence. We already have seen a lot of characters like that, so keeping his brooding to a minimum was a good idea.

I like the clashing of Bloodshot and Harada. Both characters are ultimately good, but a misunderstanding has lead them into conflict. I like this dynamic, and think it has a lot of potential to be good story.

The issue ended with a genuinely exciting cliffhanger, as Harada is starting to take his mistreatment of Bloodshot too far.

I really enjoyed the issue, and appreciate Valiant’s approach. Neither of these characters are evil, but they are both passionate, and by no means do they always make the right decisions.

Hopefully, they can work out their differences, but if they do not it should be exciting nonetheless.

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