The Youngblood team find themselves in a really tough spot this week. Mr. Chapel has returned, and he is breaking … Read more


Bloodshot #13 has added a dimension of depth to the Valiant Universe as Bloodshot crosses paths with Harada. One of the … Read more


Valiant recently ended their successful event, the “Harbinger Wars”. In this event, many of the Valiant characters met up with … Read more


The Image Comics series Bounce, by writer Joe Casey and artist David Messina, takes superheroes into territory where they seldom go. The … Read more


Social commentary has been very important in the history of comic books. Whether it be superheroes fighting the Nazis in … Read more


There is no doubting the uniqueness of Prophet, published by Image Comics. The series’ genre could be described as science fiction … Read more

Invincible 104

In a solid issue of Invincible, our hero is trapped in a barren dimension by Angstrom Levy. Levy goes to Invincible’s … Read more

Harbinger Wars

The Harbinger Wars came to an end this week in what was a nice issue. While the war looks like … Read more

Archer and Armstrong

I always think humor is one of the toughest things to capture in entertainment. With humor, its situation and spontaneity … Read more

East of West

I may not be fully aware of exactly what is going on yet in the young Image Comics series East of … Read more

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