Harbinger Wars

Harbinger Wars to a successful conclusion

The Harbinger Wars came to an end this week in what was a nice issue.

While the war looks like it is over for now, it looks like this event will have consequences in the future of the Valiant Universe in the near future.

As for the story itself, it was wrapped up with lots of action, as the Hard Corps, the various groups of Psiots, and Harada and his men all squared off at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

I liked the location, even I though I wish they did a little bit more with it. As long as we are at one of the premier Las Vegas casinos, lets go rumble inside it a little.  As fun as the battles were in this issue, it would have been even better if some of the characters battled where the slot machines or blackjack tables are.

Also, maybe have a fight in a luxury suite where some high rollers are staying. I really like the idea of the location they chose for the fight, there is just more that could have been done with it.

Nevertheless the battle sequences were good. There was not one sequence that dragged on too long, and I never felt like anybody was safe from harm. Also, despite the skill of the combatants, no one seems to really understand battle strategy, because what ensues is a reckless free for all.

As mentioned before, no one was necessarily safe from harm, and some surprising deaths occurred throughout the fight.

Bloodshot is involved in this fight too. However, he is not that effective. He gets in a good shot against one of the Renegade Psiot members, but he mostly gets his butt kicked. I really like his character, so I will cut him slack given the fact that he is in this fight by himself.

Along with the battle between the Hard Corps and he various Psiot groups. The reader also sees Morris Kozol being interviewed at a future time about the disastrous fight with government officials. This part added some humor to the predominantly serious tone of the issue.

Kozol is in no way qualified to lead something Project Rising Sun, but he gets promoted despite his indifference and incompetence that helped lead to the bloodshed. I liked this part of the issue. We get to see how incompetent the people running this highly dangerous operation really are. If this is any indication of what is to come, I do not see Project Rising Sun improving.

Harada is the key player in this issue. He actually understands the situation, and goes to disable the bombs the P.R.S. has in the Psiots’ brains. In the end, Harada ends up being the most powerful player. However, it looks like this conflict is far from over. Kozol is not very effective but he has money and power, and that is very dangerous. Also, they may have seemed to settle down, but I’d wait to see whether Generation Zero is genuinely stable.

The Renegades are also still on the loose, and they are force to be reckoned with in their own right. It will be interesting to see what happens with them for sure.

The successful streak for Valiant continues. This was a good event, and sets the stage for hopefully great stories to come from the implications of this conflict.