Invincible #104 Sees Invincible In a Barren Dimension

Invincible #104 Sees Invincible In a Barren Dimension

In a solid issue of Invincible, our hero is trapped in a barren dimension by Angstrom Levy. Levy goes to Invincible’s house to terrorize Eve, who pregnant pregnant, and unable to defend herself.

This was a fun issue to read from start to finish. Robert Kirkman keeps the pace up, even though there are scenes with a lot of dialogue, the story never gets bogged down. That can be a hard task to accomplish. Comics with dialogue heavy scenes can feel weighed down if the dialogue falls flat, which is definitely not the case here.

Ryan Ottley continues to do an amazing job with the art duties. His clean and expressive style makes the issue a joy to look at. Even though there is heavy violence, his confident lines make everything look great. I am a big fan of clean artwork, and Ottley is doing an exceptional job. My eyes never got fatigued in the slightest thanks to the pure energy of the art.

As for the story itself it was very entertaining. On the two different storyline threads, we have Invincible trapped in a desolate dimension with Invincibles from other dimensions. Some of these Invincibles are not the altruistic hero we are used to, and without food or water in the vast desert they are in, cannibalism eventually comes into play. Thanks to Ottley’s cartoony artwork, and Kirkman’s sense of humor, the violence and grotesqueness described in this situation comes off as more funny than alarming.

Ottley’s fight scenes in this dimension are beautiful. Even when people get beaten to beyond a pulp in Invincible, it always looks pretty thanks to the clean artwork.

The other storyline is Levy preparing to kill both Eve and Invincible. Levy is angry over Invincible’s role in his accidental mutation.

This part of the story serves as a common scene found in  comic books, as Levy is explaining his plight and blaming others for it. However, this time there is a twist to the ending, as the mood and sequence of events unexpectedly changes.

The story leaves the reader with a nice cliffhanger, and it looks like the next issue should be a good one. The story is headed in a direction that is exciting.

I’m looking forward to the next issue. Even though this series is now at an impressive one-hundred and four issues, the quality is still strong, and the story has not lost its excitement.

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