Prophet #37 Review
Issue #37 of Prophet was exceptional

Prophet #37 Review

Issue #37 of Prophet was exceptional

There is no doubting the uniqueness of Prophet, published by Image Comics.

The series’ genre could be described as science fiction from the art house. In the series, we encounter spaceships, aliens, foreign planets, and advanced technology.

However, the tone of the series is very abstract. This is not meant to be a criticism in the slightest, the tone is precisely what makes the series unique from the various other stories of galactic travel.

In this issue, outer space does not feel futuristic and involving, instead, the setting is distant and desolate as the planet Brother John Atum lands on to activate his construct brother, John Agro. The planet is old and abandoned. Everything is in ruins, but there are still numerous obstacles in the way of Atum and his mission. These obstacles are very difficult to overcome. They are not the typical galactic soldier or robot with an advanced weapon. Instead, these systems attack the mind, which Atum must use in order to negotiate his way to activating Brother Agro.

I have been thoroughly impressed by this series. Science fiction rarely goes into territory like Prophet ventures into.

The series’ atmosphere is a big strength. Nothing about it feels normal or conventional. There is a constant feeling of weirdness and unexpectedness that gives there series a real page turning quality.

This issue was written and drawn by Giannis Milonogiannis, his art is unconventional but top notch. He lets the pictures tell the majority of the story in this issue. I thought this was a very smart decision on his part. This world is strange, and not explaining everything, leaving much to the readers imagination, was a great decision.

This is a great series, and every comic fan should give it a shot. This series is a true original.

Image Comics is putting out some truly impressive material, and I’m not just saying that. East of West is one of my series in comics right now, and now Prophet can be added to the list.

This is a great series.

Consumer Expert Alex Waller

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