Youngblood goes up against seemingly impossible odds

The Youngblood team find themselves in a really tough spot this week.

Mr. Chapel has returned, and he is breaking down the realm barriers upon his return to Earth. He has attacked the headquarters of Youngblood, and has proven to be a force to be reckoned with upon his return, as the team members at the headquarters could not do much to fend him off.

The stakes are high in this issue, planet Earth is under serious danger as Mr. Chapel has come to conquer it, and has brought along demons from other dimensions to assist him.

Badrock is leading the charge for Youngblood. He has assembled every member of Youngblood to defeat Chapel, and has made it very clear he must be stopped at all costs.

Rob Liefeld is plotting this story, and unlike the incredible Image Comics’ series ProphetYoungblood has still retained the qualities Liefeld is known for.

The costume designs, the dialogue, and the intentional over the top nature of the story, and characterizations, all feel like they came from Liefeld. Jon Malin handled the art duties, his style is very similar to Liefeld’s, so fans of his should not hesitate to check this out.

There is no doubting that Rob Liefeld has his critics who like to say unflattering things about his talent, but I am not one of those people.

I had fun reading this comic, and think that there is room in today’s comic world for a series like this. It has a fairly simple plot, and the characterizations are not far from something you would see in Sylvester Stallone action movie, but that does not mean there is a lack of quality, it’s just its own thing.

I am a big fan of series that push the boundaries of creativity and plot, but I also believe there should be series on the simpler side of storytelling that we can just have a good time with, and that it is just as important to have a series like this as it is to have the innovative titles that push the medium forward. Simplicity is a good thing, and should not be taken lightly.

I really enjoyed the issue. The villain has a pretty scary look to him, and beating him is not going to be easy. We will see if and how Youngblood is going to pull this off.