‘Harbinger’ 14 brings one of the two conclusions to ‘Harbinger Wars’

Valiant recently ended their successful event, the “Harbinger Wars”.

In this event, many of the Valiant characters met up with each other at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. A huge battle ensued between the various groups.

Now we get one of two conclusions to this event in Harbinger #14 . We saw the battle, but now we get a better perspective as it pertains to Harada, as well as Peter’s, renegade group of Psiots.

We follow Harada as he fights to do what he believes is right for the Psiots, who are humans with extraordinary mental capabilities. These psiots are being exploited by Project Rising Spirit, who do not treat these children properly, and exploit them for unjust purposes. Harada wishes to take these children under his control for what he believes is best for them.

In this issue, we see Harada in a confrontation with personnel from Project Rising Spirit, as well as dealing with the two groups of Psiots in Las Vegas. Harada has mixed results with the two groups. He is successful with one, as they begrudgingly accept his guidance, and the other manages to escape his grasp.

The narration of a Psiot from the renegade group who escapes was my favorite part of the issue. I thought that was really good writing. The narration voice felt authentic, and at the end I definitely felt myself rooting for this group.

Valiant continues to do a great job with their comics.

The Harbinger Wars was a cool event, and now we get to see the events from the respective party’s point of view. I think this is a good idea, most of the parties involved have pure intentions, and a lot of the conflict is based off of misunderstanding. Valiant is leaving it up to the reader as to who is in the right in this situation.

I’m continuing to really enjoy the comics from Valiant. Everything I read from them has a feel of being in the same world, but the tones and the stories have been very strong and very distinct of one another. I’m continuing to look forward to what happens next.