At an official ceremony in Munich, Germany, BMW handed over the keys to the first eight customers of its revolutionary i8.

The i8 is BMW’s first plug-in hybrid vehicle and it boasts the driving performance of a high-performance sports car and the fuel economy and emissions of a compact car.

Being BMW’s visionary vehicle, the i8 represents the next stage of development for the BMW Efficient Dynamics philosophy.

An electric motor is synced with a three-cylinder combustion engine making high efficiency and performance a reality.

Not only does the i8 feature an advanced powertrain, it is the first production car to be available with “laser lights.” High-intensity, energy-efficient full LED headlights are standard on the i8, but the optional laser-boost feature extends its high-beam range up to 600 meters. This new lighting technology uses 30% less energy than LED lights, weighs less and takes up less space inside the headlight assembly.

The BMW i8 will be on sale in all major markets soon. Those seeking more information should visit their nearest BMW dealership.

What do you think about BMW’s groundbreaking sports car? Does it make you excited about the future of motoring?