build your own Galaxy S4 before launchIt’s only a matter of time before the Galaxy S4 is revealed at Times Square in New York.

Samsung has made a good marketing effort, despite competitors trying to take away some attention from the upcoming handset launch.

A lot of specs have been rumored for the soon-to-be unveiled handset. Although no one actually knows what they will be, PC Mag is providing an opportunity to build a personalized Galaxy S4 based on the rumored specs.

Sascha Segan, the author at the source, has identified several key features that are going to be included in the phone. They include memory, display technology, material of the body, battery, android OS software and the processor.

Those who take the quiz can build their own personalized Galaxy S4 and compare it to what others prefer.

The real specs will be known at 7 p.m. ET when Samsung takes the stage.

The quiz can be taken on this page.

What specs do you prefer?