Captain America Review: A Powerful Good Time! (No Spoilers)

In a world of superhero fatigue, Captain America stands out as a pretty amazing film.  It does the standard origins explanation, but the set design, wardrobe and music keep you very rooted in the feeling of the 1940s, when the world was in the grip of World War II.

The actors do a superb job in all roles – believable and not over the top. Tommy Lee Jones delivers a solid performance as a reluctant general in charge of the latest scientific achievement which is Chris Evans as Captain America.  Chris did a solid job – not too flashy and quietly heroic; he really embodies the part well. Hugo Weaving continues an amazing string of perfectly executed roles with his diabolical Red Skull portrayal; he does repressed psychotic anger well. The supporting cast plays their parts incredibly well; Hayley Atwell provides just the right amount of strength and sexual tension, Stanley Tucci provides a nice fatherly touch to his scientist role, and Dominic Cooper really shines with the playboy tycoon attitude as Howard Stark, grandfather to Tony Stark, who will be Iron Man.

The pace of the movie is perfect.  There wasn’t any lag or parts of the movie that seemed too long. Anything that would have been incredibly long was typically synopsized by flashes of the characters performing their acts in the field of combat. The film is rated PG-13, there is some comic book and sci-fi violence, usually the only red stuff you see is oozing from a busted nose or split lip from a fist fight, but there are a few bullets flying too.

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