All the movies you can see for just $30 a month?

That’s what Movie Pass is offering…. with some restrictions.

Movie Pass started in 2012 and is a subscription service for movie tickets. You pay $30 a month to see as many movies as you want in the prescribed theater (but only once a day). The company will make money off people who don’t use the service daily.

Starting in 2015, the company will be partnered with a major movie chain – AMC theaters.

The program is expected spread to other markets based on interest.

Seeing how the average movie ticket at an AMC location costs $9.50, you can save money by seeing four movies in a month.

I will definitely be getting a subscription, as I see two movies a week in theaters, sometimes more. I usually see a movie I like more than once, and I love seeing a wide variety of films, so this will for sure save me a ton of money.

Do you think you’ll be getting a Movie Pass subscription?

Do you think it’s a good idea?

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