Classic Monopoly Pieces At Risk!

Classic Monopoly Pieces At Risk!

Everyone’s favorite Monopoly pieces from the Hasbro board game are at risk!

The classic game from everyone’s childhood is about to undergo a major change – one of the iconic game pieces will be dropped in favor of a new one.

The good news is, fans will be able to save their favorite game piece by voting on them at a Facebook page set up for the worldwide marketing event ( The race car, Scottie dog, top hat, boot, batteship, hand iron, wheelbarrow, and thimble are all fair game – whichever piece gets the least votes is removed from the game forever.

It’s not the first time Monopoly has done a shuffle with the game pieces either – long gone are original game pieces lantern, purse and rocking horse (a replacement horse with rider was axed later as well).

At that time, as in this one, the piece getting retired is be replaced with a new one. Fans can also vote on the replacement. They can choose from a toy robot, diamond ring, cat, helicopter or guitar.

The game has gone through many changes since its origin when Elizabeth “Lizzie” Phillips commercially published the original The Landlords’ Game in 1903. It was eventually adapted by Parker Brothers who bought and commercially produced the first official Monopoly game in 1934.

Changing up pieces of the game is a classic marketing tactic and Monopoly is not the first product star to put such iconic components at risk. Mattel’s Barbie expanded to different outfits, styles and eventually different races as the doll expanded to different markets, and Lego’s went from a standard building block to different sizes, sets, Duplo blocks for children and advanced sets for older kids. All these companies have expanded into the technological world as well as they try to maintain market share with the world’s increasingly tech savvy children.

Do you have a favorite Monopoly piece? Let me know which one you voted for on Facebook in the comments below!