Cloud Storage: Which Service Is Best For You?

Cloud storage gives users the ability to access all their files, music and photos at any time of day. With cloud storage services, users can access the documents from anywhere and from any device. It also provides a hassle-free way to share documents, photos and videos. Many cloud storage services are free to begin with and only require payment for size upgrades.

Dropbox is a commonly used cloud storage service for sharing documents. Users sync and store videos, photos and other documents onto their device and send download invitations. The service starts with a complimentary 2GB and upgrading to 100GB costs $99 annually.

Apple iCloud is frequently used with other Apple apps, such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers. This makes it easier to complete tasks between Apple devices such as compiling a shopping list on Notes on a MacBook and finishing it later on an iPhone. iCloud automatically syncs contacts, e-mails and other documents to the users others Apple devices. Users receive 5GB for free while additional storage begins at 10GB for $20 a year.

Google Drive is best used for those needing to collaborate instantaneously. It provides users with direct access to necessary tools for creating documents, drawings and spreadsheets. When a file has been created, it can be shared with others. Additionally, specified users can have access to edit the document, allowing for collaborative work. Changes made on Google Drive are seen by all parties right away.

Google Drive will sync all of the latest versions of documents automatically whenever the users device goes online. Google Drive gives 5GB for free and an additional 25GB costs $2.50 monthly.

While cloud storage services offer a way of storing files, it is always recommended to back up your important files on an external hard drive. What is your favorite cloud-storage device?

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