Costume Quest 2 Confirmed For Halloween 2014

Costume Quest 2 Confirmed For Halloween 2014

Costume Quest 2 is set for a Halloween 2014 release.

Double Fine Productions, along with Midnight City, announced the news in a Youtube video yesterday.

The video features the developers sitting around a table brainstorming up a game that is to be “something new, but something that the community is going to be really excited about.”

Shenanigans ensue.

At the end of the video a pumpkin with the words Costume Quest 2 carved into it, is turned to face the camera. Then the release date appears.

Costume Quest is a 2010 adventure role-playing game. It features twins Reynold and Wren, who are trick-or-treating in their neighborhood on Halloween night.

The children encounter a monster that kidnaps the player’s sibling.

In order to rescue the missing twin, the player must collect candy, costume pieces, and up to four new friends from the area, to help assist on their mission to fight the monster.

The game also includes turn-based battles with abilities directly reflected by the costumes being worn by the children.

Costume Quest 2 will again feature Reynold and Wren and will be introducing more costumes to the game.

The battling system is also reportedly being revamped to be “deeper”.

What do you think about the announcement of the Halloween 2014 release of Costume Quest 2?

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