Now that Disney owns two huge movie franchises, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, and with the highly-anticipated Star Wars sequel coming out next December, people are still asking if Disney will do the same with the massive-money maker, Indiana Jones?

While there’s no official green light, the odds seems to be getting better!

A tweet from Disney CEO, Bob Iger, has shed some insight into the possible 5th installment.

“We’d love to make another Indiana Jones movie but we’re pacing ourselves now, launching Star Wars first”.

While the last Indiana Jones, Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, was the worst of the four, this could be a great chance for a much needed reboot. They seem to be saving the Star Wars franchise from its less-than-satisfying prequels, maybe Disney can do the same with Indiana Jones.

I’m sure if The Force Awakens is as huge of a success as we all hope it’ll be, Disney can turn its attention from Jedis to Jones and spin the same Disney magic into a fantastic sequel. With the right screenwriter(s), director, and cast, I think this is a very redeemable project with lots of potential.

Are you looking forward to another Indiana Jones movie, or has the last one soured you from the whole franchise?

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