D-Link Gaming Router – Is It Worth $200?

D-Link Gaming Router – Is It Worth $200?

In the modern gaming environment, having a super fast high speed connection is all but essential to getting the most out of your game purchases.

Unfortunately, most of us, lets just say, are getting less than promised from our ISP.

To solve this problem, a new internet router, specifically designed for gaming, has been released by the D-Link Corporation.

Dubbed the “DLG-5500 Gaming Router”, it promises to squeeze every last drop out out of your available bandwidth and virtually eliminate any and all lag.

How Does It Work ?

The D-Link Gaming Router  uses a new technology referred to by its creators (Qualcomm) as   StreamBoost.

Qualcomm says StreamBoost is capable of intelligently allocating your home (or office) Wifi network resources, giving each device the optimum amount of bandwidth needed at all times.  StreamBoost has been specifically developed to deal with the high levels of network congestion than can be caused by a large number of simultaneously connected devices, according to the company.

The Router comes equipped with 4 Gigabit LAN ports and also comes with an Ac 1300 wireless performance rating, meaning that  it offers up to 1300 mbps internet speeds.

To get an idea of just how fast that is you can do a quick bandwidth test to see where you stand by comparison.

What are Buyers Saying ?

The DLG-550 has been on the market for a little while now and unfortunately (and somewhat predictably), buyers are not impressed. The general consensus is that though the router does work well, it is not a significant enough improvement over mid range routers to warrant a premium price tag.

Other Issues outlined by many users were that newly designed web interface is completely unintuitive (and no manual is provided) and the fact that there is no support for DDNS (on a $200 router !!).

The DLG-550 Gaming Router can be purchased for $199.99 from NewEgg.com.

Consumer Expert Adrian Gordon

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