Dark Souls 2 Now Available For Download On Steam

Dark Souls 2 Now Available For Download On Steam

Dark Souls 2 has been made available for digital download on Windows via Steam for $49.99 USD.

The old-school feeling action RPG (role-playing game), developed by From Software, is a sequel to the 2011 original Dark Souls video game.

Dark Souls 2 sees a custom created character through an adventure to rid him or herself of a curse.

The world provides difficult challenges, enemies and obstacles to overcome, many of which are likely to result in numerous deaths. This game can be played in single player, multi-player, or cooperative, so results and experiences may vary.

Customers, who opt to purchase Dark Souls 2 for the PC via Steam, will have an enhanced frame rate option and increased texture resolution, which are not available on the console versions of the game.

This PC version also differs from the console game releases by supporting the mouse and keyboard options of gameplay, as well as an option for controllers.

Do you plan on buying Dark Souls 2 via Steam for your PC?

If you have already purchased it previously, did you enjoy your experience?

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