The approach of any landmark age like 30 or 40 is frightening.

But with Facebook and Iphones, we think ourselves fairly young.

Consider though, this list of movies hitting their first decade.

Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

From Spanish speaking dogs to the lovely behind of Christina Applegate, this 2004 film is a must-own.

This satire of 1970’s American journalism paired with the unlikely love story between TV superstar Ron Burgundy and his perky co-host, Veronica Corningstone is a riot from beginning to end.

The Notebook

We could never forget the scene in the rain when Noah shouts to Allie “It still isn’t over!” The plot then follows them into elderly life while we witness the heartbreak of Alzheimers.

There was no dry seat in the theaters when Nicholas Sparks’ beloved novel jumped to the silver screen, and into our hearts.

Mean Girls

Whether you grew up in California or Illinois, your high school likely had its own Regina George. She was beautiful, evil and ready to push nice girls into trashcans.

This film collaboration of Tina Fey and Saturday Night Live was the favorite comedy of the year at the People’s choice awards in 2005.


Unfortunately, none of these 10 year olds are available on Netflix. But they are available for rent and purchase through Amazon Instant Video, on hard copies at The Notebook and Mean Girls is available on iTunes.