DIRECTV is now offering it’s exclusive NFL package – NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go – on Android tablets and Playstation 3 this fall. The access package was formerly only available on PCs and other mobile devices as a $50 add-on that added HD streaming access. Now, it will be available for Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Android tablets through an app for the same price. Playstation 3 owners can add the To-Go option or by paying a flat $339.50 fee without DIRECTV satellite service. In order to get the To-Go option, consumers must either be a DIRECTV customer or, as above, get the flat rate package for the PS3.

The NFL Sunday Ticket is already available at no additional charge for new DIRECTV subscribers, which now includes a new four channel mix with larger cells for late afternoon games; it still includes the eight channel mix with smaller cells when there is a full schedule lineup. The DIRECTV exclusive also includes integration with Fantasy Football right on the TV.

The NFL Sunday Ticket allows customers to watch any out-of-market NFL game, up to 14 NFL Sunday Ticket games every Sunday, and the broadband service will also offer DIRECTV ‘s RED ZONE CHANNEL, game highlights and detailed stats. Same as last year, the bowser service is still available for current DirecTV customers through PC and Mac computer at