Screenshop from the Dr Who 50th Anniversary Special trailerThe official trailer for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special was released two days ago.

It was leaked by a Latin American station a couple of days prior to BBC’s official release.

Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special premiers on BBC America and all across the world on November 23rd. It will hit select theaters in the US, Canada and Britain on the 25th.

The trailer features scenes of combat in space, and also includes the Daleks. Fitting, since the Daleks have been a Doctor Who staple since the very first season of the show in 1963.

The BBC also announced that David Tennant and Billie Piper would return for the November special.

Matt Smith and David Tennant’s Doctor(s) are seen interacting in the trailer – no doubt accompanied by the fainting squeals of fan-girls everywhere. John Hurt’s mysterious incarnation of the Doctor is also shown.

Tickets to the November 25th North American theatrical release of the anniversary special are available here.

The special is also available for preordering on DVD, Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray 3D through Amazon and other retailers.

So this is a heads-up from your resident Doctor Who aficionado (minus some of the classic show, I beg the pardon of all the nerds who read this) to watch this trailer if you have not already!

Here it is:

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