I lament that Robin Hood will not join our merry duo of Clara and the Doctor, his interactions with our … Read more

Having watched the trailers for Jupiter Ascending and Interstellar and watched the TV spot for Dawn of the Planet of … Read more

Pete Holmes is the latest protégé of Conan O’Brien, and his late night show “The Pete Holmes Show”, which is also … Read more

Bryan Singer’s latest installment in the X-Men saga has a brand new trailer that is making waves on the internet. … Read more

Skyfall and Sweeney Todd writer John Logan’s new creation “Penny Dreadful” just debuted a haunting teaser trailer. The series will air … Read more

This November, Pixar’s film The Incredibles will turn ten years old, and I must say it is about time they came … Read more

Sherlock trailer out for season 3

It is about that time. I don’t mean Christmas, although that too, but rather it’s almost time for Sherlock Season … Read more

Dr. Who 50th anniversary special: The Day Of The Dr.

The 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who, “The Day of the Doctor,” premiered yesterday to great acclaim. It featured not … Read more

Russel Crowe as Noah

A new trailer for Noah has been released. The film by the director of Black Swan, PI and The Wrestler … Read more

Paul McGann’s Regeneration In a brand-new online minisode by Stephen Moffat, Paul McGann reprises his 90s role as the iconic … Read more

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