I lament that Robin Hood will not join our merry duo of Clara and the Doctor, his interactions with our heroes made him the perfect foil to Peter Capaldi’s dour, sour-faced Doctor.

I have to be honest, if Danny Pink remains so tragic and moody, I’m not sure how well he will do paired up with a Doctor who has practically never ever smiled (has he? Now that I think about it, I don’t know if he has smiled once since his introduction!).

But moving along, one of the most heart-breaking moments was Robin’s look of speechless devastation upon seeing his history all laid out before him. Those moments of cataclysmic revelation of how small you are in the vastness of the universe, that time and history go on without you and you have little say over how anyone will remember you, that is the essence of great Doctor Who, and it’s a triumph for Steven Moffat.

That Robin Hood bounced back from that moment is a strong testament to the potential for him to have been a wonderful recurring character, and I cannot emphasize enough my disappointment that he won’t be joining Clara and the Doctor, as the dungeon scene was pure comic gold, something I am sure will make me rewatch the episode several times in the future.

To recap: Robot of Sherwood is a fantastic episode, but leaves us wishing some things might have carried over into future episodes.

We are now getting a good sense of Capaldi’s dynamic as the Doctor, and I worry that Moffat might not introduce an appropriate foil until it’s too late and people stop watching as much.

But on the bright side, Clara Oswald. Always a bright side.