This November, Pixar’s film The Incredibles will turn ten years old, and I must say it is about time they came out with a sequel!

This week Robert Iger, CEO of Disney, announced plans to develop a sequel to The Incredibles as well as a third Cars film.

Technically the Cars film will be the fifth in the mini-franchise, if you count Planes and it’s upcoming sequel, but if you count the fact that Cars 2 has a 39% “rotten” score on, and Planes is a staggering 26%, there does not seem to be much hope for a fifth film being critically successful.

But then again Pixar has always seemed to be about magical storytelling first and critical acclaim as a nice but non-essential perk.

Pixar’s upcoming films include Inside Out and Finding Dory, scheduled for June 2015 and June 2016, respectively.

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