The Day Of The Doctor Does Not Disappoint

The Day Of The Doctor Does Not Disappoint

The 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who, “The Day of the Doctor,” premiered yesterday to great acclaim.

It featured not one, but TWO cameos.

The first by upcoming twelfth doctor Peter Capaldi… though it was just a split-second glimpse of his characteristic determined glare.

The second came right at the end and surprised everyone: Tom Baker. Baker made an appearance as an enigmatic Curator, who may or may not be an aged and “retired” version or copy of the fourth doctor.

A very emotional back-and-forth between Matt Smith and Baker followed the latter’s appearance. Afterwards Smith steps into a dream scene where he takes his place as the eleventh doctor, alongside every other version, as the whole contingent stares with purpose and hope at the looming spectacle of a lost Gallifrey.

The episode embodied everything that makes Doctor Who great: equal parts a loving ode to fans and a strong and independent story that shattered all sky-high expectations placed on the episode.

Prior to the worldwide premier of the 50th anniversary special, Peter Davison produced and directed a Dr. Who spoof. The “Five Doctors(ish) Reboot” starred Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, and David Tennant, among others, as the classic Doctors attempt to secure a place in the 50th Anniversary Special.

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