‘Earth 2’ #14 Builds Up Momentum

‘Earth 2’ #14 Builds Up Momentum

‘Earth 2’ prepares for war

This month’s issue of Earth 2 mounts the tension as the World Army prepares to invade the Steppenwolf occupied nation of Dherain.

As the world army are in the process of deployment to Dherain, the trio of the Green Lantern(Alan Scott), The Flash(Jay Garrick), and Dr. Fate see this as a prime opportunity to be accepted by the world as heroes.

Alan Scott believes that the trio can strike early by weakening Steppenwolf’s forces before the World Army comes to invade.

Unfortunately for them, there are other forces at work against Steppenwolf’s army that that the trio did not account for. Meanwhile, Commander Khan debates on the merits of the invasion with General Foster.

Commander Khan does not take Steppenwolf lightly, and there is a possibility that an invasion will deadly for the World Army. Khan al reveals that he is allied with a hero that fans should be happy to see.

This series has been excellent, and this issue continues the impressive quality that this series has maintained. It is a shame that writer James Robinson is leaving this series, because he has done an exceptional job. Nevertheless, all we can do is enjoy the issues he has left on the series.

I am really looking forward to reading what happens next. Steppenwolf is clearly being underestimated by the World Army, at least to a certain extent. I am not sure how Steppenwolf is going to fight off that huge army, but I’m sure he has a plan.

I enjoyed how the trio of heroes in this issue have to prove themselves to the world. It is cool that there is a degree of mistrust in this world, as superheroes will not be automatically accepted by the public.

I liked that the World Army had already dispatched a unit into Dherain. This was a key part of the story, and looks to be a road block for the Flash, Green Lantern, and Dr. Fate. The

Also, I am a big fan of Dr. Fate, so anytime he gets the opportunity to be a big part of the story; I am in.

I still have a hard time getting used to these Golden Age heroes being young, but James Robinson has done an exceptional job re-imagining these characters and this world for the New 52.

The art by Nicola Scott was great. I especially enjoyed the panels of the World Army flying on their way to invade Dherain.

This has been a great series, and it is shame Robinson’s time on it is coming to an end. However, this was a strong issue, and it will be fun to see if the World Army’s invasion is successful, and how Steppenwolf plans to counter it.

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