Facebook Photos – The Ones You Posted For Friends – Now For Sale
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Facebook Photos – The Ones You Posted For Friends – Now For Sale

Photos At My Door is a new service that allows users to order prints of pictures directly off Facebook.

The service requires users to log in to their Facebook account, which then provides access to their personal Facebook photos and those on one’s Friends list.

A division of MorePhotos, Photos at My Door allows users to print a user’s Facebook Friend’s public pictures on a number of options such as mugs, key tags, calendars, photo skins, phone cases, luggage tags, mouse pads, photo magnets and more.

For print photos, prices depend on the size. Sizes range from 4″x6″ for $ 0.19 to 20″x30″ for $29.99.

A single key tag costs $7.95 and is 1.75″x2″.

Facebook’s sharing policies have always been an area of concern for its users. Permissions and privacy settings seem to constantly be changing and can be difficult to understand.

Photos At My Door begs the question… just who owns the photos we post on Facebook, and when we Friend someone, just what are we giving them permission to do with the things we post there?

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