Falling Skies season 3 premieres tonight! Wow, Falling Skies season 3 starts tonight! And not just one episode, but two!

Do you remember what happened at the end of season 2?

I did a write up of it here if you want the full review – but basically, our team of heroes attack a skitter base. It appears to be a disaster for the 2nd Mass.

Dai is killed. Others are caught. During their torture, it’s revealed that Anne is pregnant with Tom’s child.

At the last second, the rebel skitters arrive and save the day. The Overlord is killed. But so is the rebel skitter Red Eye.

Despite the Overlords death, the once human child/now alien, Karen, tells Tom “It’s not over.” Then she escapes.

Oh – but the shocker at the end of season 2?

A new alien arrives. The residents of the Charleston bunker run out to see what is happening. As they watch, the alien walks out of his ship, takes off his helmet and….. sort of smiles.

Sinister? Friendly? Hard to tell. But at the end, the season 3 teaser has the text: “Enemy or Ally?”

Will we find out tonight?

The Falling Skies season 3 premiere will be two episodes.

Part 1 will be on tonight at 9pm (ET). It’s called: “On Thin Ice.”

Remember him?

Part 2 is also on tonight! It’s airs at 10pm and is called “”Collateral Damage.”

Based on the previews, it looks like the humans are taking up the offense – going after the skitters and reclaiming the kids.

But success, no doubt, won’t come easy. There’s new weapons, on both sides. And it looks like the show will be as intense as ever.

Stay tuned, we’ll know more after tonight!

BTW: for those looking for Falling Skies on Netflix – it’s not there. TNT does have the last four episodes of  season 2 – Homecoming, Molon Labe, Death March, The Price of Greatness, and A More Perfect Union – available on their site at publication time.

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