Far Cry 4 Unplayable After Game Pulled From Xbox Live

Digital owners of Far Cry for Xbox One and Xbox 360 were temporarily unable to play the game, after it was mysteriously pulled from Xbox Live Marketplace.

The incident was reported Monday when users that bought the digital version of the latest Far Cry game by Ubisoft were unable to play.

As Gamespot states, digital Far Cry 4 owners kept receiving an error code of 0X87DE07D1, when they attempted to play the game.

The cause of the action was the accidental removal of the game from the Xbox Live Marketplace, which was later reinstated by Microsoft.

With Far Cry 4 back on Xbox Live, the booting complaints have ceased. However, the incident raises questions about ownership of digital games. If Far Cry 4 or any game available on Xbox Live were to be removed for legal reasons, would digital owners still be able to play the game? Based on this incident, it appears some games on Xbox Live still require an online verification. “If the game was purchased in digital form and the owner is unable or unwilling to enable sharing, the owner has to be signed in and connected to Xbox Live for that game to be played,” Microsoft said to Gamespot about the Far Cry 4 error code.

For anyone still experiencing problems playing Far Cry 4 digitally on an Xbox system, a community manager for Ubisoft suggest resetting the console.