North American anime distributor Funimation announced plans for an anime streaming subscription for fans who prefer sub-only releases. The subscription … Read more

Digital owners of Far Cry for Xbox One and Xbox 360 were temporarily unable to play the game, after it … Read more

There’s only one week left for consumers to purchase an Xbox One at the discount price of $349.99. Xbox Wire … Read more

This week’s themed Humble Bundle comes from Sega and it features some of the biggest games from the publisher’s past and … Read more

Activision announced that for anyone who buys Call of Duty: Advance Warfare on last gen consoles will receive a free … Read more

A new website called Xbox Price Check compares the online prices of Xbox One games, to see which is the … Read more

With the second Run the Jewels album set for an October 28th release this year, the collaborative rap duo known as … Read more

The first season of the popular anime series, Fairy Tail, is free on Xbox Video for a limited time. Available … Read more

Red Orchestra 2

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, the World War II first-person shooter by Tripwires Interactive, is available to download for … Read more

Soul Eater

Amazon is currently having a sale on anime DVDs and Blu-rays distributed by Funimation. Expanding 11-pages, the Funimation-themed anime sale … Read more

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