Funimation Offering Sub-Only Anime Streaming Subscription Service

North American anime distributor Funimation announced plans for an anime streaming subscription for fans who prefer sub-only releases.

The subscription service named “SubPass” gives anime fans “unlimited access” to subtitled anime, which can be streamed on multiple devices.

Programs would be free of commercials and new series will have their episodes premier right after the Japanese broadcast.

The price range for the SubPass subscription service varies from $4.95 a month, $12.95 for three months and a one-year subscription for $39.95.

“We at FUNimation feel the same way you do about anime and the amazing people in Japan who work so hard to make the shows that we all love – the production staff, animators, and voice actors, to name a few.” the Funimation blog wrote. “The SubPass is a great way to show your support for the Japanese anime industry and its creators. The more you watch, the more we can pay the licensors in Japan, and in turn, the more content we can bring to you. For a little over $1/week (monthly rate) you can enjoy all the subtitled anime you want and support those who create these amazing shows.”