Ford Brings Back Luxury With The Lincoln Continental Concept

Ford has once again brought the Lincoln Continental back. The name has been around since 1940, and was last used in 2002.

The new concept version, which will be revealed at the upcoming New York Autoshow, is all about luxury.

The interior is filled with nothing but high-end materials such as satin, leather and wool.

The exterior is sleek and smooth, with features like doors that open with the touch of a button that is out of sight.

With a focus on luxury and comfort, the Lincoln Continental occupants will be coddled.

The 30-way adjustable front seats can contort to any body shape; rear seat passengers have access to a lap tray for a tablet, climate and audio controls and removable leather travel cases that are mounted to the back of the front seats.

Lincoln is clearly aiming at the high-end luxury market, typical of Mercedes, Bentley and Rolls-Royce. If you think I am stretching for that opinion, just consider this; the Continental has a champagne storage compartment.

Further adding to rear occupant relaxation is the Smartglass tinting sunroof which allows the passengers to lower the temperature by up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit and blocks 99% of the UV rays.

Powering this executive class sedan will be a Lincoln exclusive 3.0L Ecoboost V6 engine. The suspension will be set for isolation from all manner of road damage, and has the latest ride enhancing technology.

Lincoln has set its sights on regaining the past glory of the brand, when it was mentioned in the breath as Rolls-Royce.

What do you think, could the Continental, due for release next year, be the secret to Lincoln’s revival as a high-end luxury brand?