Free Call Santa Phone Number 2018

Free Call Santa Phone Number 2018

Hey parents, looking for a quick, easy, and FREE way for your kids to “talk” to Santa?

Then you’re in luck because we were extra nice this year, so Santa gave us his number!

That’s right, simply call the Call Santa Hotline, 951-262-3062, courtesy of Long Beach company Free Conference and kids will hear a message from jolly St. Nick and can leave one for him too! You can also call 319-527-2680.

Here’s the message that plays when you call:

“Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas, this is Santa Claus and you have reached my personal hotline.  We have been very busy making all of those toys to deliver on Christmas morning and I want you to know that your family loves you very much and so do I.”

“So be good and don’t forget to always listen to your parents.  When you hear the tone please leave me your Christmas gift wish list and holiday cheer.  And remember kids, I know who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.  Merry Christmas and I’ll see you soon.“

Yes, this service is limited, they won’t have an actual conversation with the man himself, but they can still tell Santa what they want and younger kids will think they are actually talking to him.

Plus, it’s 100% free and is available in 22 different countries and languages.
Now, if you have older kids or want a more personal experience, there are 2 other options, The Christmas Dialer or Santa Calls Me; both of these though will cost you some money.

The Christmas Dialer offers “personalized” messages from Old St. Nick or one of his elves through their premium service, which costs between $1-$5.

You choose whether you want Santa or his elf to call, then pick from 3 different messages, depending on whether your kids have been naughty or nice.

While Santa or his elf will use your child’s name to give it a more realistic feel, the messages are still not tailored to your kids and there is no conversation. Overall, a solid option at an affordable price.

With the Santa Calls Me service, consumers get the full package, as Santa calls your house and talks to your kids at the time and date of your choosing; they also have email options and call & email packages as well.

Parents can set everything up using their online form, so Santa can call them by name and customize what he says. This is a great service, allowing kids to interact with Mr. Kris Kringle himself, but it comes at a price.

It costs parents between $19.99 and $37.99, depending on when the call is scheduled for; Christmas Day calls cost $37.99.

Also, if Santa will be talking to multiple kids in the house there is an additional charge of $4.99 per child.

Finally, you can call Santa using your Google Home or Echo devices for free as well; click here for more information

What do you think of these Call Santa services?

Tell us if you plan to use any of them below and be sure to share with your family and friends!

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