Scriptalk talking prescriptionsBig Y joins Walmart with talking prescription bottles free of charge for the visually impaired.

Walmart initiated their pilot program in three stores; Alabama, Massachusetts, and Colorado, and through their mail order service.

Big Y is doing likewise, offering this service in Connecticut and Massachusetts, as well as adding an online marketplace for blind users to obtain the service outside of their state for a small fee.

The innovative system is easy to work and comes with the required reading device from En-vision America, the maker of ScripTalk.

ScripTalk labels work with an embedded microchip which has been programmed with all the normal label information found on prescriptions.

Blind and Visually impaired units can easily obtain vital information by simply placing the medicine bottle onto the handheld reader, and a natural-sounding computerized voice will read any and all label information for them.

The department of Veterans Affairs started using this same type of program ten years ago, and found that it offers blind and visually impaired consumers the benefit of privacy that all other customers receive.

More than that, the talking prescriptions provide both safety and awareness. No longer do patients have to rely on a third party to read them information and directions for their medication.

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