GearBox software CEO praises PS4The PS4 has been praised by developers all around since Sony announced its details at PlayStation Meeting 2013.

The latest comments come from Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford.

Gamespot reports Pitchford as saying ‘I can probably at least say that it was really exciting for them to invite us to the process. That was new for Sony from our seat anyway’.

This statement was made by Pitchford during a panel at PAX East. He also mentioned Sony listened to what the developers had to say and said the is platform better because they did.

Pitchford also expressed his excitement about future, so far unannounced, consoles. He didn’t reveal any details about them though, saying he can’t talk about them at the moment.

Gearbox Software is on the long list of developers that are working on the titles for the PS4.

The PS4 is expected to arrived before this year’s holiday shopping season.