GM Thinks Moms Know Best

It turns out your Mom really did know best, at least that’s what GM thinks.

The team responsible for the 2015 GMC Yukon SUV, must have had more than a few parents on it.

They have developed the “Conversation Mirror”, to help parents keep an eye on the little ones. This mirror is an entirely separate piece that resides in the overhead console as part of the sunglass holder.

By incorporating this secondary mirror the driver can keep a focus on traffic and kids. The convex design gives a clear view of the entire seating area.

“As a mom, when it came time to design the next-generation Yukon and Yukon XL, I wanted to give our customers a better way of keeping tabs on their kids without forcing them to turn around and take their eyes off the road,” said Kay Jarboe, product manager for the 2015 Yukon and Yukon XL.

Up to 30% of Yukon customers are parents with children under 16 years of age.

“We wanted a mirror contour that provided a wide, door-to-door field of vision, allowing drivers to quickly monitor both back seats in a single glance,” said Jennifer Farah, an interior trim design engineer. “At the same time, we didn’t want the mirror to grow too large and eliminate room for a pair of glasses.  As a mom, I can truly see the value in keeping a watch over my kids without turning my head away from the road.”

Consumer Expert Robert Nichols

Robert is a lifelong car nut. He works as a Technician with 16 years experience and has multiple trade licenses. Having worked on vehicles ranging from Porsche's, fire trucks, trains, and industrial/mining equipment, he has a varied and broad knowledge base to draw on. But his favorite thing to do is drive, be it on two or four wheels.