Mia Talerico, 5-year-old star of Disney’s Good Luck Charlie, has received death threats and terrifying images on her instagram account from an anonymous poster.

Talerico’s mother, who runs the account, immediately contacted the authorities.

The exact contents of the post were not made public by the L.A. police.

“Our threat analysis unit always keeps our threat investigations findings…confidential because often the people who make threats read the media coverage they receive,” said LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith in a People Magazine article.

Though not directly stated in the threats, LA police investigating the case suspect the threats are related to a recent episode of the Disney show that introduced its first gay couple.

On January 26, characters Susan and Cheryl dropped off their daughter Taylor to play with Charlie, Mia Talerico’s character.

Though the same-sex couple only appeared in one episode of the show in its last season, the show’s producers and now, Talerico herself are receiving backlash.

Groups like One Million Moms and Right Wing Watch have asked Disney to avoid controversial subjects “which children are far too young to comprehend,” in a People Magazine article.

Disney’s responded it only wanted to be politically correct. Good Luck Charlie will end the series after this year’s finale. Disney representatives have refrained from speaking about the threats made to Talerico.


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