Google is giving away 1TB of free Google Drive storage with new Chromebook purchases until the end of the year. The storage subscription lasts for 2 years, providing about $240 worth of value.

That’s about the same as a low-end Chromebook. If you use a lot of cloud storage, you could get a Chromebook with the storage deal for about the same price as you’d pay for the storage alone.

This offer from Google comes not long after the release of the HP Stream series of notebooks and tablets.

Stream notebooks feature similar hardware to similarly priced Chromebooks, plus feature a full Windows 8 OS, a personal subscription to Office 365. and include 1TB of One Drive storage for a year.  Stream notebooks start at about $200.

The Stream series provides a very attractive option to those who might have been considering a Chromebook. This could be a move by Google to try and win some of those customers back.

The Chromebook/Drive storage offer must be redeemed by January 1st, 2015, after the purchase of a new Chromebook.

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