Google Fiber Provo, Utah third cityGoogle announced last week that Google Fiber is making way to Austin, TX.

Now the company has announced the third city for the planned expansion of its service, Provo, Utah.

Google Fiber for Provo isn’t a 100% sure-thing just yet though.

A service agreement will need to be brought up and voted on by the Provo City Council. The event is scheduled for April 23.

The agreement contains, in part, that Google will purchase the iProvo fiber-option network with the aim of upgrading it to high speeds.

It’s likely that the votes will be in Google Fiber’s favor. All homes in the city with the current network will be able to take advantage of Google Fiber.

There would be a $30 fee for activating the service, and that will include free service of 5Mbps to consumers for 7 years.

Google pointed that Utah is now a base for many important tech companies.

The deployment may come at a faster rate than Austin, as Google has iProvo network to use as a base. This could very well result Google Fiber being available to businesses and homes in the city by the end of 2013.