Google Glass Contest Winners Soon Receiving InvitationsIt has been a while since we reported on the Google Glass contest.

The contest asked individuals participating in the contest to make a message of a video stating what they would do if they had Google Glass.

Google has made an announcement today through the Google + Page of Google Glass project of sending out invites to lucky individuals who have been selected for its Google Glass Explorer program.

If you participated in Google’s #ifihadglass campaign, keep your eyes on your Twitter and Google + account as Google will be sending messages through these platforms over the next few days.

Google has not announced the number of applications received for the contest, but did mention receiving ‘so many creative, diverse and (sometimes) crazy applications’, which shows the passion people have for Google Glass.

The search giant also said the current program is only directed towards consumers, but mentioned they are ‘working on connecting with businesses in other ways.’

Did you participate? Have you heard from Google yet?