Google Glass To Feature iOS & Android Tethering, 2013 Release

Google Glass To Feature iOS & Android Tethering, 2013 Release

We recently told you about the ongoing Google Glass contest.

The gadget does look amazing, but people are still wondering how the Glass will perform all the functions that are listed in the official description of the device.

Nothing was revealed by attendees of the Glass Foundry (they’ve signed a tight non-disclosure agreement) and there haven’t been any leaks out in the wild.

However, The Verge has managed to get quite an information dump on the new product.

According to their report, the Glass gets data through Wi-Fi by itself, or it can use Bluetooth to an iOS or Android device for tethering while using its 3G and 4G data while going out. There’s a GPS chip in the device as well.

The Google Glass is being billed as a solution to all those people that are looking down at their smartphones and tablets as they go through life. With the Glass, users will be able to stay connected with both the virtual and meat space worlds.

They say the goal is to get the Google Glass on the market before the end of the year. Sounds ambitious – but we will keep an eye on things and let you know.

The full report from The Verge is here and is quite interesting.

After checking it out, drop by here and let us know what you think.

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