Grand Theft Auto V Leaked Early In UK!

Grand Theft Auto V Leaked Early In UK!

Grand Theft Auto V leaked early in UK by Amazon delivering the orders before the September 17th release date.

Following an early leak of the maps last week and an easily broken digital preview shipped to consumers by Sony earlier in the month, Grand Theft Auto V’s publisher Rockstar has suffered yet another hit to the game’s release.

Details, screenshots and other info on Grand Theft Auto V have been leaked online by those receiving the game as early as Saturday morning, September 14th!

Microsoft announced that any accounts caught sharing this information early will be suspended, but that hasn’t kept the internet clear of game play leaks for Grand Theft Auto V.

Between the leaked digital content from Sony, the leaked maps, and the screenshots and gameplay details from the UK folks lucky enough to receive GrandTheft Auto V early, the anticipation for the game’s launch tomorrow has been undercut a bit.

The early delivery of Grand Theft Auto V was only to a few Amazon UK customers, not all of them.

There has definitely some public relations damage over the snafus with the Grand Theft Auto V release that will give all game publishers something to think about when they launch big titles in the future.

Did you catch any early, unauthorized previews of Grand Theft Auto V?

Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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