Over the past weekend the El Ray network uploaded one of their best interviews conducted by film director, Robert Rodriguez, in another one of his “The Director’s Chair” series.

His two-part interview, spanning 90 minutes, is with the great writer/director, Quentin Tarantino.

This interview initially aired on the El Ray network, only available in the US on DirecTV, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable, leaving much of the world waiting to watch it El Ray’s YouTube channel – well the wait is over!

In this great, in-depth and inspiring interview, Rodriguez touches on every one of Tarantino’s films. From his early days in acting classes, to his struggles with finishing his highly-acclaimed “Inglorious Basterds” screenplay, the two directors reminiscence in old times trying to break in, advice and techniques, and their overall love of cinema.

This is a great interview for any fans of Tarantino, his films, or just movies in general. Unfortunately they didn’t touch on his newest western that he’s working on right now, “The Hateful 8”. This is definitely worth a watch. The 90 minutes will fly by, as it did for me.

Here’s part one of the interview. Let us know what you think and what you liked about the discussion in the comments below!