Groupon Is Giving Away Free Money On Black Friday

Groupon Is Giving Away Free Money On Black Friday

Groupon, the unofficial Santa Clause of this year’s holiday season, has announced they will be giving away free money to a random set of their subscribers on Black Friday; $100 million to be exact.

Unfortunately, in order to be a “candidate” for the big bucks, shoppers would have to had already signed up for a Groupon account before the 26th of November, a date that has already passed.

All is not lost however. Anyone who signs up for an account on the day of Black Friday will receive five dollars towards anything that is purchased through the site on that day.

How Does it Work?

For those who already have a Groupon account, in order to receive a share of the jackpot (a reported $500 or $5,000 per customer), all that is required for you to do is to cross your fingers (and toes) and check the messages in your Groupon inbox on Black Friday.

If you’re a winner you will see a message in your inbox informing you that you have received an amount of either $500 or $5000 worth of “Groupon Bucks”; depending on how lucky you are.

These G-Bucks (I made up this name) can be used to purchase any item available through the website.

In addition to the many $500 and $5,000 winners, there will also be a grand prize of $25,000 that will be given out to one lucky subscriber.

Whats the Catch?

The only catch is that the funds you receive will have to be used by a certain time before they expire.

Customers who receive $500 or less in G-Bucks will have until 11:50 pm on the 29th of November, 2013, to use it.

The lucky few who manage to win $5000 will have their accounts emptied for them if they do not use it before the end of this year.

That one user who wins the grand prize of $25,000 G-Bucks will have until the end of next year to enjoy their fortune before it expires.


Groupon has been busy of late. Last week they launched a brand new “Freebies” coupon section.

Do you already have a Groupon account? Are you mad that you didn’t (I know I am!)?

Tell us in the comments section below.

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