Maritz Research has released a new survey analysis on the growing popularity tablets.

On the heels of a story we reported two days ago about the sheer number of tablets being shipped out, Maritz is providing details on just who is buying and what the tablets are actually being used for.

According to their survey, 6.2% of consumers have purchased a tablet in the three months prior to the survey being conducted (in November). 6.8% expect to buy one within three months after the survey.

Within a two year window, more than two thirds of consumers expect to purchase a tablet – which is about the same number who plan to purchase new HDTVs within the next two years. This is more than the number of consumers that plan to purchase new desktop computers during that time frame. Maritz said in their report that the number of consumers expecting to purchase tablets is remarkable, considering the tablet category is only about 18 months old.

They also found that most consumers that are purchasing tablets are getting them in addition to a laptop or a desktop computer, not as a replacement for these devices. However, 47% of laptop users, and 38% of desktop users, report that they are using those computers less now that they have a tablet. Tablet owners also reported less use of smartphones, netbooks, ereaders, mp3 players and other such devices.

Maritz said almost half of the consumers who have tablets use the devices for both work and personal purposes.