Hell On Wheels Season 3: 2-Hour Premiere Set For August 10

Hell On Wheels Season 3: 2-Hour Premiere Set For August 10

Hell On Wheels will return for its third season on August 10.

The 2-hour premiere was originally planned for August 3, but flooding in Calgary, where Hell On Wheels is shot, caused a production delay.

When we left season 2 – Hell On Wheels was in ruins.

Lily… dead.

Mr. Toole… dead (this time for real).

The Swede…. dead… maybe.

The town… relationships… lives…. destroyed.

How does Cullen take all this?

Well, eh, check out the still photo (above) from season 3 – a bit savage, eh? ‘course, he’s been savage all along, but looks even more so now.

But the building of the railroad must go on. And so the town, and the show, must go on as well.

AMC will premiere season 3 on Saturday, Aug 10, at 9pm eastern time, 8pm central.

Season 2 is currently available streaming online for free through AMC’s site – but just to Xfinity and Optimum subscribers. ugh.

Those of us that don’t have those services have to wait until it season 2 comes out on Netflix July 27.

Don’t have Netflix either? No sweat, there’ll be a Hell On Wheels marathon on AMC starting Aug 3.

Ok, let’s turn this over to you – what’s going to happen in season 3?

Leave your predictions below – and be sure to “like” this page to pass these details along!

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