Here’s The New Trailer For The Last Man On Earth With Will Forte

Will Forte is going back to the small screen for his new Fox TV series ‘The Last Man On Earth’. This sounds promising and very funny, as seen in the latest trailer released by Fox.

The year is 2022, but we’re not yet sure as to why Will Forte’s character, Phil Miller, is the last man on Earth.

What we can see is a bearded Will that does pretty much anything he wants without consequences, and this trailer shows that world perfectly.

While not knowing the entire story, it’ll be sure to be a hilarious, character driven series as we get to live through Phil Miller.

From driving a truck into a store, to crashing cars into each other, Will’s character seems to have a child-like irreverence for the world now, and it’s funny.

Are you going to catch Forte’s new show on Sunday, March 1st, with back-to-back episodes? Let us know. I’m pulling for this series and can’t wait to watch.

Consumer Expert Mauro Ferritto

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