Here’s The New Wreck-It Ralph Trailer – With Music By Usher!

Here’s The New Wreck-It Ralph Trailer – With Music By Usher!

This holiday season, there will be two animated films fighting it out for cinematic dominance: “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Rise of the Guardians“.

Wreck-It Ralph”, the new animated feature from Disney, is definitely in the lead when it comes to pre-release publicity. Anticipation for the film will surely continue to build after movie-goes have a chance to see this new “Wreck-It Ralph” trailer.

Wreck it Ralph” takes place in the world of the arcade. The story centers around a video game baddie named Wreck-It Ralph.

For as long as Ralph can remember, he has always been the bad guy in his video game. After years of the same old ending, Ralph decides to jump his out of his game and travel to other video game worlds. His stops include destinations such as Hero’s Duty and Sugar Land. But Ralph’s journey may not turn out the way he planned, as he soon discovers jumping through games has its consequences.

The film features the voice talent of John C.Reily as Ralph. Sarah Silverman plays the hyperactive Vanellope von Schweetz. Jack McBrayer is Fix-It Felix; and Jane Lynch is the tough as nails Sergeant Calhoun.

Movie-goers will see lots of familiar faces and games in the trailer – there’s characters from Toy Story. Games and characters from Pacman, Bowser, Sonic, Ryu, Dr Eggman, Dig-Dug, and other’s have appearances in the trailer. Dance Dance Revolution X2 can be seen in the arcade. But alas, apparently Super Mario didn’t agree to partake in the making of the movie – but there does appear to be… perhaps… a satirical version of the famous Italian plumber.

With all that said – here’s the latest trailer for “Wreck-It Ralph”. Don’t get thrown by the “February, 2013” release date that’s mentioned in the trailer. That’s for the UK. The movie will hit theaters in the US on November 2.

Oh, and the music at the end of the trailer? That’s “More”, by Usher.


What characters and games did you catch in the trailer? Leave a list and your thoughts about the movie below!

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