How To Cancel MoviePass Billing Forever

How To Cancel MoviePass Billing Forever

So you thought you had cancelled your MoviePass subscription… but they keep billing you.

Or you didn’t opt in to the new plan and were told that would cancel your account… but they started billing you again.

Or you were told they were going to stop billing through PayPal… but they keep billing you through Paypal anyway

Or perhaps you tried to cancel through the app, but got an error message, and found the only way to cancel is through the app… which doesn’t work.

Yeh, many of us have been there.

We contacted MoviePass and asked what users could do to cancel their subscriptions if canceling through the app doesn’t work.

They didn’t respond.

So next we went to Bill Hardekopf, the CEO of and an expert on billing and credit card issues.

Hardekopf told Consumer Press that consumers have an easy solution to totally stop MoviePass from billing to a credit card.

The term for stopping those automatic payments is called ‘revoking company authorization.”

Hardekopf said “The best way to cancel the automatic payments is to write a letter to the provider, in which you would ask the charges be stopped. Be sure to include your account number. Follow up with a telephone call to the provider. Then, send a letter to the credit card company informing them of the cancellation, and follow up with a phone call to the card issuer to make sure they have stopped the payment.

Of course, sending MoviePass a letter is easier said than done. They don’t list their address on their contact page. I did find it hidden away on their Terms of Service page: 175 Varick Street, New York, NY 10012.

Further research finds that address is a WeWork co-office space, not an actual MoviePass office. So would they even get the letter?

In my own case, since I was being billed through PayPal, I found I could stop MoviePass by cancelling my subscription on PayPal’s site.

If your MoviePass subscription is being billed through PayPay, you’ll find the cancel link on the MoviePass ‘subscription details’ page.

To get to it, log into PayPal and find a recent MoviePass transaction. Click on ‘Payment to MoviePass’, then on the ‘view subscription details link’. At the bottom of that page is a button for cancelling the subscription.

Looking through different credit card sites, it appears that they don’t generally offer a link for cancelling recurring payments like PayPal does, but a phone call to the bank or credit card company may be sufficient for revoking the MoviePass subscription authorization.

Have you had trouble cancelling your MoviePass subscription?

Tell us your story in the comments section below, and be sure to share this post with your friends, family and followers – they’ll appreciate the info!

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