MoviePass Continues To Bill PayPal Users Despite Saying They Wouldn’t

MoviePass Continues To Bill PayPal Users Despite Saying They Wouldn’t

A few weeks ago we told you that MoviePass had sent out an email saying they were discontinuing their PayPal billing support on Sept 18, 2018.

“To continue enjoying MoviePass, please update your payment method in the app to a credit card, otherwise we will not be able to process your next subscription payment after September 18th,” the email stated.

So imagine my surprise (or lack of it, considering recent MoviePass history) when my PayPal account was billed again on Sept 30. 

I contacted MoviePass and received a note back saying that subscriptions need to be cancelled by the user to actually be cancelled.

One has to wonder… If they are going to continue billing through PayPal, why did they say they were going to stop?  

And once they said they were going to stop, why didn’t they send a follow up email to say something changed and they would continue to bill through PayPal?

All this just adds to the ongoing chaos surrounding MoviePass, with reports of changing plans and users that choose not to opt in to the new plan being reactivated on the old plan (but with limited movie choices).

MoviePass members – and former members – have no idea what to expect next from the company.

One thing seems clear though: MoviePass seems to think that if THEY stop your subscription, they can restart billing you again at any time in the future without notice. The only way to stop your subscription and know (well, hope) that it’s really stopped, is to explicitly cancel it yourself. 

Of course, cancelling your MoviePass subscription isn’t as straightforward as one might expect. More on that in our next MoviePass article. 

Are you a MoviePass subscriber? If so, what has your ride been like? 

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